Customer Reviews

Mark Whitby says

"Please use my letter on your feedback page it's a shame you don't have a distributor in the UK as I think you would benefit when I next go to my local doctor I will be taking my Xtensor to show him what is out there, like I said I get instant relief when using this marvelous product. I suffer with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and have been receiving treatment via Acupuncture though this has not cured it, it did ease the symptoms. For this treatment I have to go to my local doctor which at times hard to get an appointment which fits in with my work, while looking through the internet I came across The Xtensor and thought I would give it a try and what a relief I must tell you I get after using this product also the convenience of using this when and where I want to, just sorry it took me so long to find it on the internet I think this is the best product on the market."

Mike Hess says

"Thank you for your help. This product is great. I use it regularly and I feel such a difference in my hands. Being a golfer it is a great aid in my strength and stamina in my grip. The best thing is that it so easy to use. Again thanks especially for such a great product"

Leslie Tift says

"The Xtensor has helped me tremendously. I am a guitar player and have a real problem with tendonitis in both of my arms. Using The Xtensor has built back strength in my arms to help with this problem. I still have to monitor how much I play music because of flare ups...I think The Xtensor has helped stabilize but not completely cure my problem. I plan on using The Xtensor "forever"...Thank you for inventing this product. I have been spreading "the word", too. I appreciate your time answering my questions regarding my healing process with The Xtensor."

Pete Mayer says

"Thanks again, I'm grateful for this product. I play guitar full-time and really feel like it's helped me with some chronic problems I've had due to playing all these years. "

Howard Herrick

"First I want to tell you that my tendonitis has been the quietest it's been in the last several years. You really have something here. Problem area has always been my wrist, grip. When it would act up it would throb very badly and shaking a hand or holding onto something would be a painful impossibility. After only a couple of weeks using The Xtensor I have noticed substantial improvement. Thanks for your help."

Jim Miller says

"Thanks for speaking with me and all the great product support! For the first time in 6+ months I now enjoy extended periods of minor to no tennis elbow or lateral Epicondylitis pain. Even after practicing or playing golf! I'll soon visit my orthopedic surgeon and make it a point to share The Xtensor with him, his staff and physical therapist. While I was initially reluctant to use The Xtensor when in pain, I discovered using the device actually reduced the pain if I was slow and conservative with the movements! After heat and stretching I actively massage the joint and particularly the Epicondyle area. I conclude every session by icing the elbow and forearm. The Xtensor is a great product and I'm certain many folks will find the same relief that I have. After cortisone injections and intense physical therapy, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has tennis or golfer's elbow. It definitely worked in my case in providing relief in a very short period of time."

Chris Colucci says

I purchased The Xtensor because I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. The Xtensor has been great as I have gotten stronger and helped reduce the damage in both of my hands. It has also helped my golf game since now I can grip the club without anything hurting in my hands."